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Our Sales services

Sales and marketing are two different things but both works to increase the revenue. They look very similar so most of the time people fail to realize the difference between these two. When we talk about some small organizations, same people may perform both sales and marketing task simultaneously but at bigger level, it requires much care.

The Naissant Global Services offer a stunning feature to stand with you. As your company grows, the roles and responsibilities develop, so there should be a different department for taking care of sales and marketing.  If we describe both then we can say that sale is a transaction between two people, one being the seller and another one being the buyer where the buyer receives goods, services, and seller receives money for the goods and services.

Marketing is a way to show us how to reach to the customer and build a long term relationship with them whereas selling is the result of marketing. The goal of marketing is to impress persons towards our product and create leads or prospects and goal of sales is to convert these prospects in actual paying the customers.

Marketing is a long-term relationship with customers and sales is short term relationship. We, at Naissant, make sure that both the teams are targeting their efforts at the same potential customers. Sales and marketing both should understand the challenges and limitations of a customer and the objections to make a sale.