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Our Email/Chat Support services

Email/Chat supported applications came in market long back but only recently, companies have discovered its profitable effect on websites. Email and chat have supported applications and it makes such a huge difference in conversation rates. It provides a real human interaction during online shopping. These days email /chat is so important for successfully carrying any kind of business because these are the major communication medium involved.

There are so many large companies out there that receive emails on a daily basis and replying to all of them becomes a hard process to carry out. So these companies have started giving contracts of their emails to BPO companies. We at Nassiant Global Services, make sure that your work is conducted well.

The option to Chat is very supportive to find queries of online customers as business are trending towards online mode. Our company wish to work or help the customers 24 by and hence the idea of email /Chat is a way to help them and it help us to keep connected to them all the time.

In simple words email/Chat is a real time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. It will help you and your support team to answer the questions of the customer any hour you want. Nassiant have a support team which is always ready to offer help to our customers but it also requires a tool to help you chat with customers from your site.